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The Pokemorph and Digimorph Exchange!

For Those with Fan Characters!

The Pokemorph & Digimorph Exchange!
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I finally got up the nerve to go an create this. This community is for those of us who have Pokemorph (Pokemon Anthros) or Digimorph (Digimon Anthros) characters, and would like to draw them for others. This idea is based on other exchange communities I am a part of, and I wanted one for this type of character. The rules are the same, you have a month to get any artwork in, and you are blacklisted until you do, or if you happen to volunteer to draw for someone who has missed out. Entries are due the last day of every month, and not a day later. I'll be using the same form as many other exchanges use, so credit goes to them. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at either the community e-mail above, or my own e-mail, or you could IM me using AIM. I hope everyone enjoys their stay here! I might allow other fanart-based anthros in the future, depending on how this goes!

New Stuff: Neopets/Neopet Anthros now allowed, as well as morphs of YGO monsters like the Blue Eyes!

Now for the fun part to this, the rules. Everyone's favorite thing! But read these before joining..and read them carefully, ok?

Rule 1: No flame wars or personal attacks will be allowed in this community. This is an art exchange, not flame_exchange or personalattack_exchange. Keep those out of here. Any uncalled for flaming or personal attacks will result in a permanent ban, no questions asked.
Rule 2: Do your work on time, please. How would you feel if you didn't get anything? First offense is a warning, second time is a ban, until I feel like unbanning you, or if you can prove yourself trustworthy to me again.
Rule 3: Do NOT tell me how to run my community. I'm the head moderator, heck, the only mod, for a reason. I made this, and I reserve the right to ban you if you try to tell me how to run my community more than one time.
Rule 4: If you have a problem with someone, either contact me, or more preferably, contact the person you have a problem with, say if they didn't do a decent enough picture for you, and tell them what they can do to make it better.
Rule 5: If I ban someone, I have a reason always. Please don't contradict anything I say in the community (use e-mail, that's what it's for!), otherwise you risk a banning as well.
Lastly..please..spend a little time on your piece. Unless it's a sketch round, no pencil sketches please.

Enjoy your stay!

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Creator/Head Moderator: shinmaxwell


None! Let's keep it that way..ok?

Remember, you can't participate in this again until you get your work in. It's not fair to those who get nothing. So please, do your work when you sign up!